Tips on Investment Properties for Beginners

download (5)When you have extra cash and want to invest it the best option is real estate because they have high returns. Although property prices in the short term may go up and down, they appreciate substantially in the long run. Investment properties are something that you can bank on as it will acquire value with the development of the areas in the vicinity of the property. There are risks that cannot be completely eliminated but if you do a thorough research and planning you can lessen the risks. If you are a beginner investor, investing in real estate can seem daunting at first. Here are some tips to help you make the right investment choice.

• Know the range of options for real estate investment-you can invest in buying commercial properties, residential houses, apartments, condos, or land so you need to study which would be a better investment for you. There are many options so you will need to do your research to see which one will align with your future plans and stay within your budget.

• Why investing-are you investing to


Noida-Greater Noida Property Hotspot in NCR Circuit

download (4)Real estate investment requires micro level of market research as it involves higher degree of risk. There are several factors that influence the decision of investment in a particular locality. With the purpose of reducing the risk and helping in making informed decision, here’s sneak peek into the most prominent region of Delhi NCR circuit.

Area Spotlight

The stretched circuit of Noida and Greater Noida has emerged as a largest residential and industrial town of Asia. Over the last couple of years the twin city has witnessed remarkable growth in the real estate arena, particularly Greater Noida has risen up as a next big thing for new buyers and investors.

The locality has good supply of all kinds of housing and commercial projects. Integrated townships and housing projects is being developed at large scale. Today, the realty market is buzzing with several real estate activities and has approx. five thousands of residential units in different phase of construction.

Improved social Infrastructure

The construction of word class highways, arrival of metro and network of roads has made Noida easily accessible NCR city. The realty market in the


U.S. Real Estate Predictions

This is my special edition for real estate predictions for 2016. The first edition went unpublished since they were so accurate and spot on, that even I was concerned as to how prophetic can a real estate professional be about such matters! Case and point: My predictions for 2015 were far better than one could have anticipated. This was especially so, since Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen pulled a Babe Ruth two weeks ago, by stepping up to the plate and raising interest rates; but not before pointing up to the far bleachers, to signify an approaching homer for all the naysayer bond holders out there who said it couldn’t be done.

And although the standard fare amongst those that “in the right” about all matters real estate related, my edict will not contain the ominous thirteen predictions — but a very lucky seven predictions — since that was the same number value of last year’s predictions.

And like an athlete that doesn’t change his jock strap when on a winning streak (that will eventually result in a visit to dermatologist), this real estate writer will not change course and deviate from seven predictions. A re-peat if you will, as I point


Creating a Successful Mastermind Group

How to put together and use a group to accelerate your business:

I have been part of several mastermind groups, with nothing but positive results. Sure it can be a hassle to structure it and it does take time, but my experience is you will make a significant amount of money that can be directly attributed to participating in your group. The first mastermind group I was part of pushed me to buy a 4-plex and two du-plexes, which I still own today. I have made thousands on the rents and hundreds of thousands equity from appreciation. These were deals that I put together with no down payments, and I would not have pulled the trigger or structured them the way I did without the help of my group. A support group is especially important in this industry. Real estate investing can be a lonely business, and it is important to have the social aspect from like-minded people.

Here are some tips to a successful mastermind group:

People matter: Picking the right people, or forming a group with the right people is the single most important part of a successful mastermind. You also need to be willing to make a change if you


Guide to Pre-Launch Residential Projects in Noida

Noida, the vast city has got multiple extensions namely Greater Noida and the Noida Extension. The numbers of upcoming projects is increasing every day in order to meet the rising demand for property. The types of projects that get launched are very high with a variety in the requirements and builders constructing them. Thus the market offers a long and extensive list of options to choose from and this list is so exhaustive that is becomes difficult to select the one that suits your requirements from all prospects. The customer ends up in getting confused and finds himself lost in the vast universe of upcoming property in Noida.

The best forthcoming properties in Noida include both commercial and residential projects. The properties include affordable, luxury, under construction, ready possession, pre-launch, soft launch, just launched apartments, penthouses, villas, plots etc that is fresh construction and available for sale.

Pre launching a project takes place merely by word of mouth or email. This happens when the project is not officially launched and hence not advertised or made known to general public. It is just that the developer informs the investors and brokers about the availability of certain properties in a particular project and the


Real Estate Scenario in Four Best Localities of Noida

Known to be one of the largest industrial towns of India, Noida is one city that has left all records behind in refurbishing its skyline. Its real estate sector transformed it from a barren land into a display of advanced world-class architectures that even the developed cities envy. And now a time has come when hundreds of new projects are being launched every year in both affordable as well as luxury domain. But as an investor, how will you decide where to invest in Noida to get the highest returns?

Here are the top four localities to invest in:

Noida Extension – Also known as Greater Noida West, this locality is known to be the most well-planned neighbourhood of Noida. Easy connectivity to all cities of NCR make Property in Noida Extension West so highly demanded. Since it is still in the affordable category, properties can be availed by the mid-segment buyers. Several properties are lined up for delivery in 2016 and several are in different stages of construction.

Yamuna Expressway – The best thing about this locality is its connectivity via the Mahamaya Flyover and its proximity to the F1 Track and the upcoming night safari. Yamuna Expressway Scheme Projects have made


Top Ten Best Places to Invest in Property in the UK

The North West of England tops the charts as the best place to invest for high annual rental yields, whereas the South East benefits from huge increases in house prices.

Despite George Osborne announcing an additional 3% Stamp Duty to be levied on the purchase of additional properties in his 2016 Budget, investing in property can still be profitable, and here are the most lucrative areas to invest.

The North West of England topped the tables as the most lucrative area to invest in property to achieve high rental yields; and with four renters vying for each property, there’s no shortage of demand.

Conversely, those who have invested in the South East and London would benefit from the increase in house prices.

Invest in Property in the North West of England to Achieve High Rental Yields

More specifically, Manchester tops the poll as the best place to invest if you wish to achieve high rental yields. The yield is calculated by taking into account the average monthly rent and working it out as a percentage of the property’s market price. The average rental yield in Manchester is 6.02% and Liverpool came in a close second. The full list is below:

• Manchester 6.02%
• Liverpool


Commercial Vs Residential Investment Prospects in Millennium City, Gurgaon

Fuelled by a number of Fortune 500 companies and rapidly developing startups, Gurgaon realty is a matter of pride for the entire property market of the country. Despite the slump in the realty in 2014-15, investors interests in this market did not go down too low. Price appreciations and market growth can always be seen in the market. However, one thing that confuses the investors is between residential and Commercial Projects in Gurgaon.

Residential and commercial both segments play their part is glamorizing the skyline of Gurgaon. Let us take a closer look at both these property segments.

Residential Realty

A recent study suggests that over the last one year, Housing Projects in Gurgaon have witnessed a price rise of more than 30%. Even after the slowdown of last year, such rate escalation is commendable. But there is also a flipside to this- Gurgaon has also presented the highest stock of unsold inventory in the whole of NCR. This is the reason why developers have now slowed down in launching newer properties. Supply for good quality homes in the popular localities is now slower. The increase in demand is not because of the availability of quality homes but it has been triggered by


How Will Raising Minimum Wages Affect Rentals

Consider the following scenarios: Let us assume that the labor share and the profit margins remain constant at current levels of around 44% and 10% respectively, labor productivity growth continues to be weak at 0.5% and policymakers manage to push wage growth to levels of around 4%. The sum of the labor share of output and inflation has to grow at 3.5% per year.

Now we have reached the crux of the matter for real estate investors. Given that the labor share of output remains nearly unchanged, this implies that inflation rate would have to rise to 3.5%, drastically reducing returns, given that current inflation expectations for the next five years are barely over 1%. Such an outcome would be harmful to the economy and, hence lowering the outlook for the real estate market.

Secondly, higher wage costs given a maximum inflation rate of 2% and steady labor productivity growth of around 0.5% would lead to a much higher contribution of labor to output, and thus to lower profit margins. In such a scenario, the labor share of output would need to grow by 1.5% yearly, and as evidence shows profit margins would be compressed by nearly 1.3% per annum from their


Gurgaon Continues to Offer the Finest Luxury in NCR

Be it in the form of gadgets or apparels of international brands, Indians are highly attracted to luxury. Real estate is no exception when talking about their desires to live lavishly. There are a number of apartments, villas, bungalows, penthouses and independent homes that are ready to offer unparalleled luxury to the high net worth individuals who are financially capable of spending an amount so high. Gurgaon is one such location that is known for its luxury. The demand for villas and 4 BHK & 5 BHK Flats in Gurgaon never seems to go down.

Gurgaon is the hub of NCR’s IT and service corporates and houses more than 500 MNCs and numerous corporate giants of Indian origin. Real estate experts say that the commercial development of a city acts as a catalyst for its residential realty segment. As the city grew into a huge economic contributor, the HNIs started showing interest in its real estate market for end-use as well as investment. There is an excellent mix of 4 BHK Apartment in Gurgaon and luxury villas that offer a high living standard. Several projects, that are currently under construction, will soon add one more feather in its hat.

There are few


Real Estate – Investing for Retirement

Currently, this is one of the better ways of investing money but the main drawback is that it requires a lot of liquid cash but the returns are better than other investments. Before investing in real estate check out all of the loopholes before you invest. It is more than just living on a piece of land. Investing in real estate offers plenty of lucrative opportunities but it can be more complicated than dealing in bonds and stocks. Here are some ways you can invest in real estate.

Real estate trading

This is the fasted way of making money in the real estate market. The traders will purchase properties from owners with the intent to hold them temporarily and then later sell them for a better profit. This practice is also referred to as Flipping Properties. Traders will normally purchase properties that are very high-priced or highly undervalued. Sometimes when a trader purchases a property with a low price they will try to increase the value by doing some renovations. By doing this it can actually result in the trader getting a huge profit when they sell.


This stands for the Real Estate Investment Fund and is one of the easiest ways of


Investing In Residential Real Estate For Positive Cash Flow

To any savvy investor, real estate was the tried and true model for consistent return on investment. At least that was prior to the 2008 crash and the chaos that followed. Now terms like subprime mortgages, NINJA loans, and predatory lending have left a nasty taste in the mouths of many Americans shaking their trust and leaving wide open a golden opportunity for people willing to go against the grain. It is true that buying real estate these days takes some real effort. Financing residential real estate takes more than the traditional route of going to your local bank and taking out a traditional loan. Especially if the investor hopes to turn newly acquired real estate into positive cash flow, after all while the housing market has certainly improved there is no shortage of “for sale” signs in the suburbs.

During the early 2000’s the trend in residential real estate was monolithic homes that took up two or three lots gobbled up by developers. The many “McMansions” still stick out in otherwise inconspicuous neighbors, remnants of the unique hubris of owning a large home even if it meant you couldn’t afford to live there. Of course developers made money this way;


Six Top Tips For Identifying 1031 Exchange Replacement Property

There is no argument that the IRS is quite strict when it comes to applying the rules governing 1031 exchanges. Every year, hundreds of proposed exchanges fail because the investor fails to meet one of the requirements set forth in the code.

One of the biggest areas where mistakes are made? Identifying the replacement property.

To make sure you don’t make a misstep here and jeopardize your next exchange, we offer our top tips for identification. When you understand all the requirements of identifying replacement property, you are far less likely to jeopardize your planned exchange.

3 Property Rule – There are different rules that set forth how many possible replacement properties may be identified by an investor, but most follow this rule. It allows an investor to identify up to three replacement properties and eventually acquire, one, two or all three of them.

200% Rule – An investor can identify more than three possible replacement properties so long as the total fair market value of all those properties identified does not exceed 200% of the fair market value of the relinquished property.

95% Rule – Not commonly used, this allows investors to identify more than three replacement properties with a total value greater than


Overcoming the Fears That Hold Real Estate Investors Back From Achieving Success

As a new and inexperienced real estate investor, you may find that you experience fear and apprehension as a regular part of your daily life. Real estate investing can be risky and this can stop even some of the most talented people in the world from pursuing their dreams in the industry. Some people are afraid of experiencing failure, some are afraid of losing money and some are afraid that by making the jump to real estate investing, they will lose their career. While these fears are understandable, there is a way to push through them and achieve the success that you know you deserve.

First, let’s delve into exactly why careers in real estate investing cause people so much fear, even if they are passionate about the process. Many people assume that with time or effort, this fear will go away, but it is actually somewhat involuntary. The brain perceives new activities and concepts as risks. Therefore a new career or a new investment opportunity will be perceived by the brain as a risk, no matter how great of an opportunity it is. The first step towards pushing through your fears is to acknowledge that they are not going to


Is It Still Worth Investing in Property Since the Increase in Stamp Duty

We explore whether it is still economically viable to invest in property since the stamp duty increase, and what sort of properties you can invest in to minimise the effect of the increase or completely bypass it altogether.

The Impact of the Increase in Stamp Duty

The cost of an investment property in Birmingham is £168,062.00 which means you’d typically have to pay £5903 in stamp duty costs.

The Increase in Stamp Duty Has Contributed to House Price Slump

One of the main issues that the increase has caused, has been the increased cost in acquiring new property, which has subsequently caused a slump in house price inflation. Whilst this now means it is a good time for potential investors to consider purchasing additional properties, those who already own property will probably be disappointed with the growth in the market. In particular, property prices in London are most affected by the increase simply because house price are generally more expensive so the stamp duty levied on the properties is proportionately higher. This means that either demand may go down due to the high prices, or property prices may decrease to make up for the increase in stamp duty. In fact, Halifax’s April 2016


5 Creative Ways To Make Money in Real Estate

I talk to investors all the time that seem to be struggling in their business or struggling getting started. I guess as great as this business is, it is not as glamorous as you see on TV. The truth is, this business will provide everything you want, but you need to work at it. Cash flow is king, so your first priority has got to be generating income. Once you have your income stream and some reserves, then you can focus on hitting home runs with flips, larger deals, or focus on rental properties.

Obviously a job, whether its salary or commission, is the easiest way to generate the needed income, and I am in no way suggesting you quit your job to start into real estate full time. I am simply giving you some creative ideas to generate income if you are not currently working or to supplement your current income.

Flipping Terms Deals

I don’t know anyone doing this, so there is obviously a need. I would love to buy some terms deals and I know I am not alone. A terms deal means a deal where the seller of the property structured the transaction with quality terms and not necessarily


Investing As a Kenyan Living in the Diaspora

The population of Kenyans living in the diaspora is estimated to be at three million. This group is said to comprise of well-educated individuals, living mainly in the US, Canada, and Europe. However, Kenyans living abroad are wary when it comes to investing their hard earned money back home.

Kenyans in the diaspora planning to invest back home have heard horror stories and misgivings from other people who have been conned by agents or their own families. If you live abroad, you need to be very wary when it comes to investing your money.

One group that is set up to help investors in the diaspora is Manyatta Capital. Started by a Kenyan citizen who lived and worked in the US for more than 10 years, this firm helps Kenyans living in the diaspora buy land through syndication. The firm pools together a number of foreign investors who buy shares into one project. This project is then subdivided and buyers are issued with individual title deeds.

The investors can then opt to build apartments, build their homes, or lease out that land – the choice is up to them. It is advised to refrain from dealing with relatives as your money might


Gurgaon’s Two Best Localities for Residential Investment

When a vast barren land stemmed from the far-off corners of South Delhi and the Haryana government gave it the name Gurgaon, it was expected to a promising residential location with sky high buildings and an infrastructure that the developed cities would be envious of. Gurgaon has actually developed into that dream and offers an international standard of life.

In this article we are going to talk about the two highly perceived localities that are making their mark on Gurgaon’s skyline- Sector 70 and 92. When you talk about the newest range of Upcoming Property in Gurgaon, these two localities would be the first ones getting your attention. Located along the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) and the NH-8 respectively, Sector 70 and 92 are emerging as the residential investment gems for the millennium city.

Let us talk about these two localities in some detail:

Sector 70

Connectivity is the main factor that makes Property in Sector 70 Gurgaon so high in demand. The locality is well connected to Sohna Road as well as the National Highway 8 via the SPR which makes it easily accessible from all corners of Delhi and Gurgaon. Unlike other urban areas it offers all necessary social amenities without compromising


British Public Choose to Leave the EU, What Does This Mean for Property Investors

download (6)The British public has taken the monumental decision to leave the European Union. What does that mean for those looking to invest in the UK’s property market?

An Opportunity for Overseas Investors to Take Advantage of the Pound Sterling’s Short Term Weakness

The pound sterling has been strong and stable currency. There is an opportunity for overseas property investors to take advantage of the short-term weakness in the wake of the EU Referendum result. The pound sterling has devalued relative to other currencies but the long term fundamentals are still true: The U.K conducts most of the financial transactions between the USA and Europe. The is no reason why this would not continue. Additionally, the U.K and England in particular have a safe political environment. If overseas investors purchase property during this period of uncertainty it is cheaper in relative terms and the GBP could rebound thereby leading to a quick appreciation and profit for the investor.

Britain Leaving the EU Means Less Competition in the Property Market

There has been much speculation as to how a vote to leave would affect investors and the


Smart Residential Property Investing and Rental Remodeling/Renovation Advice

The decisions people make with regard to residential rental property investments can be surprising. While the goal is always to make money, the approaches are varied and sometimes even counterproductive.

What makes rental property ventures successful long-term? What do smart investors do differently to make these enterprises consistently lucrative? In searching online, one is challenged to find a concise, comprehensive overview of answers to these questions.

With twelve years experience in residential property investing and management, it is clear to this writer that there are certain attributes and practices which characterize successful investors. After years of close observation, the following insights are offered for your consideration and reference.

7 Key Attributes of the Smart Residential Property Investor

• Sets clear and achievable short and long-term revenue goals, with realistic timeframes.
• Has a firm grasp on the financial requirements.
• Thoroughly researches property candidates.
• Buys rental property with prime location, sound structure, minimal repair requirements, at best price.
• Calculates property appeal for rent-rate ratio (i.e., poor appeal equates to lower rent rate, higher tenant turnover; high appeal equates to higher rent rate, lower tenant turnover).
• Understands curb appeal has a direct correlation to renting units faster.
• Knows that proper and